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RealPro have received many complimentary emails from our satisfied clients. At this time we would like to share some of them with you. Included below are their original email messages along with their names and website addresses (where possible). Feel free to contact any of our clients below to check on our service.


"I don't need to say this again, but I will. I am so pleased with the customer service you provide. Always in touch, always suggesting ways to make things better, always helpful.  Short of hosting my site myself, I think you will have me as a customer for a long time coming. Thanks again!"
- Dan, wnyrcinfo.com

"I and my family would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I hope that the new year holds a lot of business between you and I. You have been a wonderful host and I plan on staying with you for the remainder of my business, which I hope is a long time. Thank you for all your prompt support, with everything no matter how small or dumb my questions or problems have been. You are always there."
- Butch, kkcomputers.com

My site is working perfectly! You guys are the best! I love the admin feature, I want to take advantage of the mailing list feature in the future as well. Thanks again & PLEASE don't ever change, go away, or in any way alter your business."
- Dustin, akvoters.org

"You have been extremely supportive and truly saved my sanity today - Thank you soooo much."
- Anne, edlang.com

"You are absolutely AWESOME... this is why I've stayed with you so long [6/2/99]. You are always so prompt and helpful: THANK YOU!"
- Rebecca, dragonpack.com

You're always vigilant in your customer service."
- David, arrowvisualdesign.com

"Once again, impressed by your speed and efficiency and of course customer service standard."
- Carolina, ortuscomms.biz

"It's great service like this that keeps me coming back time and again."
- Will, area51partners.com

"Hey, what took so long?!?
Just kidding of course. I am always amazed at how fast you guys respond."
- Jim, mylifecard.com

"I just appreciate the great service. Thanks so much."
- Jim, jsgstudios.com

"Thank you. You guys are just too good. Let me know if you ever need a user reference."
- Susan, greyhoundcrittermates.com

"Man, you're right on top of things, aren't you? Do you have a cpu strapped to your forehead? ...thanks for the speedy response! You guys do great!"
- Mike, artpurveyors.com

It's been only just 2 days ago from Sign-Up. Email is also working fine, we just have tested it with different POP-Accounts and aliases...Keep on doing this good job!! You gave us a great personal, quick support and service by transferring and setup our domain! We definitely would recommend your service to anyone!!!"
- Helmuth, caritas-mg.net

Hope this finds you doing well. My various businesses are humming along quite well, thanks to your excellent and continued Web hosting."
- Keith, kcbassociates.com

Thanks so much for your help!  I'm glad I went with your service.  On the web, where the paradigm is moving ever more so you can't ever reach a human being, it is refreshing to get such pleasant and immediate help."
- James, gforceengineering.com

You're the greatest, thanks again for your quick response. If anyone asks me for a recommendation on web hosting, I will be recommending your company."
- Tom, bertramsphoto.com

Yes, the hosting will always remain with web-feat as long as I have the
authority to make the decision (which I do.)"
- Jude, newsletters-plus.com

"Thank you for your concern of my recent cancellation. I would like to share that your company has been without a doubt real good in what it does, but unfortunately my client had to shut their site down. I will keep your company in mind when the need comes."
- Roberto, majesticlimosines.com (site now defunct)

...thanks for the info, and might I add that you definitely have the best customer support response time out of all the companies that I deal with. I'm very impressed, keep up the great work!"
- Dan, wnyrcinfo.com

I truly thank you. You deserve to be extremely successful as you run your  business with fantastic customer support.  I am very grateful. "
- Diana, carstairs.com

"I am happy with my current plan. Way to go, guys! You rock!"
- John, jackbellows.com

"Thank you so much for writing. :) You are the only web hosting service that has promptly responded to any question that I have had. :)"
- Christine, grilled-cheese.org

"I would just like to thank you all for your speedy service today.  I really
appreciate it a lot."
- Derek, precisenetworking.com

"Thanks for providing what looks to be the best hosting service on the Internet."
- Marc, cyber-act.com

"Thank you for your prompt response. You always get back to me when I need you guys. You really know how to take care of your customers and you will be suggested to my friends who are looking to start up sites."
- Kacey, pink-glow.com

"I have nothing but good things to say about the service you guys provide. Once again thanks"
- Glenn, digidoctor.net

The following were received before we began taking note of their respective domain names

"I would just like to take a moment to express the gratitude I feel toward your company.  My club had a VERY bad experience with one of your competitors. We were forced to change server location three times in a  month with more on the horizon and each time our website (which has message boards for our over 100 international members) was down for two to three  weeks with absolutely no support or explanation.
  Because of this we decided to go shopping around for a new host.  I  remember searching and viewing and reading the endless pages of web host on  the Internet, when low and behold I came across a little company with a  funny name.  I almost fell out of my seat laughing but I decided to give you guys a look. Boy am I glad that I did!! You guys and gals have been totally professional and competent in assisting us with our move.  Your servers are fast and reliable, we have not yet experienced a single down minute!! Thank you all for you continued support and administration of such a good company."
- Brentt

"I am a new member to your web hosting thanks to the help that I got from the support. They re-plied to me the first day with-in 2 hours which is GREAT. The day that I sent out e-mails to companies about web hosting your company was the fastest and the only company that has replied to me. For that I transferred 2 accounts over to your company. Price is good. Support is the one of the best in my books. Your support got back to me a second time within 10mins. For helping me setup my NameServers with my registrar.  One thing to say is keep it up. I'll be sending more people your way since I got great and friendly support."
- Sean

"Thanks for the help. That was the fastest reply I've ever received from any kind of internet business...and I'm not even a customer yet! I was curious as to whether the testimonials would stack up, after having bad experiences with nearly all online customer services I've dealt with, most of which sent a very delayed and un-helpful reply, if I was lucky enough to get one at all. But now I'm convinced, this is a great company that actually cares."
- Kirk

"I would like to thank the staff at Web Feat. Your service is excellent and I will recommend your services to all my clients. Web Feat is pure Professionalism at it's best."
- Charles

"I'm so pleased with your service!!  I'll certainly recommend your service to my friends."
- Carolina

"...just wanted to thank you for your superior customer service! I never expected any company to offer the service on the level that you provide - and will admit it took the apprehension out of deciding on a host, my search stopped immediately upon receipt of that first answer you sent me - I would and will be recommending you to everyone!"
- Kristie

"Thanks again for all your help!  It was great having a conversation with a real person to help me resolve the problems I was having in posting my website. Do you have a supervisor I could email about your stellar performance?"
- Dawn-Marie

"I have to say that dealing with your company has been a total pleasure.  You not only respond to my inquiries very quickly, but you also make managing my website a breeze, and all that for less than $8 per month.  I want you to know that I am a very satisfied customer."
- Bryan

"Your responses have been greatly appreciated and we are very pleased with the service so far."
- Marie

""Wow, your customers weren't kidding in your level of response. Totally blows me away. "
- Michelle

"You have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I am a web designer, and I have worked with 2 other server companies, and have had the worst experiences. You have been so prompt and helpful every time I have needed it. Thanks. It is great to be working with you."
- Christey

"I don't recall thanking you for your help for your answers to the past two questions I had.  Thanks so much.  Everything is working great."
- Angela

"Thank you very much for your immediate service, and now i can go on uploading my homepage.  It's a correct choice to choose Web Feat. Just like other feedback said you are the best.  And thank you again for your time and patience."
- Nelson

"Thank you very much for your constant help. Your company has impressed me
and my partners.  Your company's customer service and personal attention is a
model for all businesses to follow.  I hope that my company can meet your
level of customer service and customer satisfaction."
- Tyson

"I've been extremely happy with the service you have been providing. By far the most stable hosting service I've ever used. Keep up the great work!"
- Dave

You have some great servers btw. All the cgi scripts I have tried so far have fully worked without error. One of the best servers I have seen so far."
- Christopher

"Thank you for the excellent support I am getting. Not only is your price
unbeatable so is your friendliness and support of your workers."
- Kevin

"First I just wanted to say that I have been looking for a web host for a long time, and now that I have found you guys the search is over."
- Tony

"Thank you for helping and getting everything set-up so quickly. I can do nothing but recommend your company...I have never seen better support and service!!!!"
- John P.

"Thanks. Brilliant service!!!. My guess is we will be with you for a long time. We will  launch 1 or 2 sites more on your server under their own names in a few months."
- Ake

"Thanks so much for all the help you have given us in our ventures. (BTW: My work on my websites gave me a leg up in pushing to get full time as a photojournalist. I owe it to you guys for working with me so well. :)"
- Mike T.

"I've gotta admit, with this kind of customer service, I'm going to have a hard time choosing another host."
- Don

"I just wanted to reply to say thanks for being so professional. Thanks so much for your assistance. It is a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to a continued
relationship between our organizations."
- Jason

"We must congratulate you on the service you offer. We have evaluated more than 500 Web Hosting Companies in the past three weeks (including all of the major names), looking for a home for our personal domains (2) and the opportunity to do some reselling. Yours seems to be the most comprehensive package in its price range. We found your site info to be straightforward and very detailed. We find your policies to be fair and in line with standard industry practices."
- Lee

"Wow, you really sound like you are here for the customers.. I really appreciate that...  By the way, you have gone out of your way to answer my questions - actions speak louder than words (or should I say email responses speak more than promises).  In other words, I am very impressed with your service so far, and I haven't even signed up! ...I really think I am going to switch to your service. I really like it."
- Ben

"You are incredible! Thank God I found you! Thank you so much for everything you have done...By and far, your company is heads and shoulders above the rest. Thanks again for your personalized service and hands-on approach!"
- John

"I like your ease of use and the features.   I've tried to get a few people to move their hosting to you...Thanks for your response, great service."
- Michael S.

"Thank you very much for your prompt responses to my transfer request. Your service is already superior to that of the web host I am in the process of leaving!"
- Caitlin

"Many thanks for an excellent and prompt service."
- Glen

"Thanks for getting things setup so quickly. My biggest requirement for a host for myself is someone that equals my views on customer service, and technical support. You guys have it."
- Kevin

"We are currently looking to change Domain Hosts due to current limitations. We have reviewed literally hundreds of different providers, and your company appears to be the best offer there is."
- Robert

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. You have been very kind and helpful. The update with internic moved along much quicker than I had expected... Once again, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to have found you :)"
- Louise

"I really appreciate the time and effort all of you guys put into your clients."
- Djuan

"I am very pleased with the account options you have to offer on your hosting package. I already have a domain that's being hosted by another company. I'm not really wanting to change over but your prices are a lot cheaper then theirs."
- Ron

"I am very happy that I located your service as a web host, as your customer service has proven itself to me many times now and continues to impress me!!"
- Matt

"Your Web Site is excellent! It provided a clear and complete representation of your business and answered questions that I didn't even know I had. Thanks very much for the effort! It made the difference in my final purchase decision."
- Steven

"...just a thank you - your tech support is outstanding!"
- Anson

"Thanx for the extremely quick responses to my e-mails. Makes a change from other web-hosting companies! "
- Mike

"...thanks for such quick action. Had I known about you guys, I would have been here LONG ago. Had I known how great the service was going to be, I never would have gone to LiquidWeb! So far, you're fantastic!"
- Joe

"How do you answer these e-mails so fast? Everyone in my business has commented on your extraordinary customer service!"
- Steven A.

"I was so impressed with your service. I recommended you to my business associate and he opened an account...We look forward to using your services in the future."
- Jevon

"So far I am very pleased with your professionalism and dedication to service!"
- Al

"I am really pleased with your service and have told all my friends to sign-up! Thanks for the great service, and also the Shopping Cart add on."
- Ben P.

"By the way, I want to let you know that I'm very happy with your help, I really appreciate it, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I took the right decision when
I changed my web hosting."
- Alejandro

"I was just reading some things that others said about your company and I was
telling myself that I will sign up if I can verify that there is service when I need it. You responding so quickly tells me that there is. Is this the way all my emails will be answered, so quickly? You can count me in... and I do have followers that will jump on this service when I give the word."
- Frank

"I want to commend you on the way your company runs the administrative area for subscribers. It is AWESOME! keep up the good work."
- Ryan

"This is just what I was looking for! At every turn, you have exceeded my expectations. Congratulations!"
- Mark

"I recommended you to my fellow council members as the best of over 30 hosts that I surveyed...So far, your customer service has been friendly and superb and has lived up to your claims.  We really appreciate it.   Our previous hosts were jerks who lorded over us with unfriendly and very slow (sometimes non-existent) service."
- Michael

"Your hosting and support services were great. My business direction and objectives changed. I will keep your company in mind and may refer customers to you on occasion."
- Jerry

"While waiting for my domain name to be transferred from VERIO I have been
checking out my new digs [server]. I am very pleased with the ease of moving around at my new home, and the completeness of the documentation."
- Drew

"I appreciate your response at such a late hour.  I knew your firm had the
entrepreneurial drive when I first located your Web Hosting Service."
- Brian

...and more keep coming!